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  • Interior, a table  with seats next to a wall with various decorations
  • Interior, bar


Our dining

Harbinger is a vegetable-focused small plates concept featuring flavors inspired by self-directed trips our Chef has taken through southeast Asia and beyond. Our mission is to tell the tale of the place we call home highlighting provisions provided by the bountiful land and the hard-working hands of those who know how to nurture it.

We work endlessly to support locals. We know the impact of that support adds as much to your enjoyment of the meal as it does to strengthen our community. If interested in booking an evening with us see the Resy link below. If you have any questions feel free to get in contact with us via phone or email provided at the bottom of the page.

Our Chef

Joe Tripp, a Des Moines native and graduate of the University of Iowa. He first pursued his passions in the kitchen at the famed Colorado restaurant Fruition. It was there that he learned the importance of details and respect for the ingredients on the plate. Each year Chef Tripp travels, bringing back fresh ideas to local products. Through the years he has earned seven James Beard nominations for Best Chef Midwest.

A Big Thank You to everyone who tried our Korean Fried Chicken During 2020! We love it so much we are working hard to find a location for it to grow on its own later this year or early 2022. As we return our attention to Harbigner's Dine In the program we are serving Basic Bird 4-8 each Sunday. We appreciate the search that got you here and we hope to see you soon!